Pastoral, by Kyla Mucci, offers small-batch handwoven wool textiles for apparel, accessories, and the home.   The textiles are a manifestation of a considered process and are thus imbued with a rich meaning and context.

In 2011, Kyla relocated to Portland, Oregon, to research and document the viability of making sustainable garments in the Northwest region of the US. She followed the progression from start to finish, of growing sheep, processing wool, spinning, weaving, natural dyeing, and collaborative garment design. While all of these processes involve a lifetime to master, she focused on specific aspects of each to tell the entire story.

Pastoral’s textiles are often associated with Shibui.  Simply defined, this Japanese term refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.  When creating value-based beauty, Pastoral has confronted the constraints of time and the notion of perfection.  Each fabric is deliberately made to result in a one of a kind cloth that tells the story of place, labor and nature’s magnificence.   By working methodically and consciously, Pastoral plays a role in the Slow Fashion Movement.