Paramount to the Pastoral vision is Kyla’s vigorous attention to detail throughout the course of her planning, design, and physical creation of her objects.  At the start of a collection, material choices are carefully considered.  It is imperative that all materials and labor are local, ethical, and traceable.

Working exclusively in wool, yarns are sourced from local and national spinning mills and fiber festivals. To create a color palette, Pastoral uses local dye plants such as Queen Anne’s lace, Staghorn Sumac and Black Walnut along with dye extracts from Maiwa Artisan Supply in nearby British Columbia.

The most arduous yet rewarding part of the process involves handweaving.  One by one, a single yarn is threaded through a loom in order to create a wall of parallel tensioned yarns. These yarns are manipulated on the loom to come together as cloth.  Three yards of fabric can take up to two weeks to weave.